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March 2020, Vital Signs,

The Artists Network's Leslie Grove Gallery

30 artists exhibiting art for International Women's Day 2020 Benefiting Nellie's 

Leslie Jones exhibition poster.JPG

November 2019 - January 2020  What Is Happiness?


Many artists have posed this question, many books have been written about it, and humanity has spent its existence in the pursuit of it. Understanding happiness means it needs to be defined. When I aim to define happiness, it can be difficult to break it down to its base emotion and to use accurate vocabulary to describe it. Therefore art is the perfect realm to explore this theme. In this exhibition I propose to represent happiness visually. I have asked myself how can I use colour, space, shape and movement to visually express the feeling of happiness. when exploring these paintings you can ask yourself what emotions are invoked by these elements. 

The French Collection Poster Kim Benoit.
April 2019  - The French Collection
This exhibition featured paintings which were produced while at the Château d'Orquevaux Artist Residency in Champagne-Ardenne France.
The first series of paintings were a study on mental health.  The second series of paintings which were called The Spring Sketches were abstract representations of flowers.
In support of Mental Health Awareness Week
Highlighting Mental Health in the work place

Painting 'Amygdala Hyjack' donated to the Psychiatry department at Michael Garron Hospital

Presenting the painting to Vice President Carmine Stumpo, Dr. M. Rosenbluth, the  Staff of the Day Treatment Program, with my Husband Rey Morales

2014 Exhibition in Greenfield Park Public Library in Quebec with my Father Robert Benoit and Aunt Lorraine Benoit

2013 Duo exhibition with

artist Gary Smith

2012 First group exhibition, with Emma Aragon, Chan, Françoise Cockburn and

Alec Dempster 

Art fusion was an exhibition of many media and performance arts.  This event was held at the Evergreen Brickworks where I did live painting

The Mad Pride Exhibition, a part of the Mad Pride week events  in Toronto.

This is an event supporting people who have  mental health disorders

French Kiss Cabaret was an event by Friends for Life Bike Rally raising funds for the AIDS RIDE.

I did 2 live paintings which were auctionned 

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