I am an Artist, Wife, Mother, Television Director and even a retired amateur boxer.


I grew up in Rosemère Québec, where I learned much of what I know about art while at Rosemère High School.  The art curriculum was extensive for high school students during those years. I painted all the time .  After graduating from high school, I attended Vanier College where I studied fine arts.  


In my young adulthood I moved to Ontario where I attended Sheridan college in Media Arts and painting was put on hold.  After graduating from college I quickly embarked on a path in film and television and I have worked for 25 years as a television director.


I took up competitive boxing and met the love of my life at the Cabbagetown Boxing Club.  We married and had two beautiful children.  

After the birth of my second child I realized that I really missed painting.  I signed up for a painting class which allowed me the time for myself which I needed to paint. I surprised my husband when I gave him a portrait of our son as a Christmas gift (Nico y las frutas) you can find here in my website.


I've kept painting ever since.

c 2020 Kim Benoit

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